Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)

No matter what form your information is in or what form you need it to be in, we can help you towards a solution to improve your business process. Our professional RFID service consultants will develop a comprehensive strategy for improving information processes within one department or company-wide. We have the knowledge, expertise, and RFID products to improve your process, no matter what stage it is in. Let us do the work for you. Down to the specific details, we will evaluate and recommend the right barcode products and services that are right for you. read more on RFID technology

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RFID Real Time Location Tracking (RTLS)

RFID Labeling barcode technology RTLS real time location tracking

Our Strategic partnerships with Guard RFID and VirtualDoxx are what separate us from the rest! Guard RFID has focused on creating the world's smallest active tag to spur adoption without compromising performance. The Argus technology platform was developed to deliver consistently fast tag acquisition with solid protocols to ensure dependable and consistent barcode data throughput without adding complexity for system integrators. read more

Barcode Technology

Barcode technology has slowly become an essential part of modern civilization. If you have ever made a purchase, received medical care or travelled, barcode technology was part of that experience. Barcodes are an easy, affordable and still very viable way to track items such as records, assets, items, and even people! The key component behind barcode technology is the barcode software application used to store, manage and process the information. At Southwest Solutions Group we specialize in making sure that the application fits our clients; not the other way around! read more on barcode technology

Archive Management

Managing our information when it is no longer active can be one of the most cumbersome stages of the record lifecycle. If you're not creating your records using a records management application , boxed and inventorying the contents can require extensive resources.

Records & Information Management Software

We have a suite of records and information management software that can be delivered in a package that exactly meets customer needs, while minimizing complexity and infrastructure. During the setup process for each Customer, the software is completely tailored to use the Customer's business vocabulary and terminology, with customized input screens and reports. read more

Transaction Management

The full version of records and information management software can track all of the information related to any business transaction. Our suite of products and services are built using the latest enterprise-class records management software development tools, with security a first priority. The records and information management software is usually delivered as a web application, where customer documents are uploaded and stored on our web server. The documents remain completely secure, but are accessible over the web from any location.

File Label Printing

Are you ready to upgrade your filing system to improve access and control?

On demand label print has a variety of easy to apply file folder label that can be printed from your own computer. Watch our file label printing video , and get ready to optimize your filing system today.