File Folder Label Print Webinar

color coded labeling for file folder label printing records management webinars information technology

If you currently use a word processing application, apply “color-coded sticky file folder labels”, or just write on your files, then this webinar is for you! Find out how on-demand label printing can standardize and improve your file system, saving you time and money!

Getting Digital Image Ready

digital imaging webinars information technology seminars RIM

Are you ready to go to digital? Find out what’s involved and what steps you can take to ensure that your transition from paper files to electronic imaging is hassle free!

Archive Records Management

records management webinars on archive storageof information and documents

Are your archive storage costs out of control? Are you keeping records too long because you can’t identify the contents of your record storage boxes? Join us as we discuss the various options to efficiently manage your archives. We will review outsourcing versus in-house record storage systems as well as establishing policies and procedures to ensure your records aren’t costing you more when they’re “dead” than when they were alive!

High Density File Storage Transition

high density file shelving storage for record managers and information management webinars

If you’ve just made the decision to move to a high density file shelving solution, then you’re on your way to an efficient and productive file system. Join us as we review the options for planning, transitioning improving and maintaining your high density file system.

Using RFID to Control Your Assets

RFID infromation management technology webinars barcode RTLS solution seminars

Whether is office assets, equipment, computers or medical supplies, RFID tracking technology may be the solution for you. Join us as we take the mystery out of RFID, talk about real life installations and review budget considerations.