Corporate Document Scanning Services

When you need to manage thousands of corporate documents with ease, Southwest Solutions Group® can offer ironclad document scanning services to help your business transition into the Paperless office era.

Free Up Space and Generate More Revenue with a Paperless Office

Running a corporation is no walk in the park— keeping track of documents alone is a difficult task. Every day, new documents are created and shared within your company. Add to that the fact that your corporation has to keep its records for a certain number of years, and you have a gargantuan job on your hands of storing all those documents and making sure they are safe and easy to access.

Most corporations resort to storing their documents in off-site facilities, but monthly storage and document retrieval fees can be expensive. Off-site storage also has its own risks such as damage to your documents, theft, and loss, just to name a few. Losing important documents can cost your business a lot of money. Additionally, losing important documents can have far more serious consequences just monetary ones. The most sensible way to keep our documents safe and easily accessible is to transition to a digital paperless office.

Benefits of Transitioning Your Business to a Paperless Office

Scanned documents are easier to access, easier to manage, and easier to share. Southwest Solutions Group has smart and affordable “document scan plans” that can be customized according to your budget and your company’s unique needs.

  • We will keep your documents in our off-site facilities for FREE while we scan your papers.
  • Our on-site document scanning and document conversion services are in no way more expensive than our off-site services. We give great service at a FAIR price.
  • Outsourcing your document scanning services to us means you don’t have to hire additional personnel or invest and maintain expensive document scanning equipment.
  • Use our paperless scanning services only for as long as you need to. Once all your documents have been scanned, you have the option to safely dispose of your papers instead of keeping them in an off-site storage facility. No more paying for mountain-high storage fees every month with the paperless office!

If your company is constantly “bleeding out” money over off-site document storage costs, NOW is the time to make a move to the paperless office. Southwest Solutions Group offers high-volume document scanning services that are cost-effective and constantly reliable.

Special Document Scanning Offer

If you are interested in finding out more information on how to transition to a paperless office, click here to check out our Try Before You Buy Special offer or call us at 1-800-803-1083. Keep your corporate papers safe and easy to track. Stop losing money over lost documents! Let Southwest Solutions Group help you redirect all that money to your bottom line TODAY.

Stop Storing Records Offsite

Document Imaging helps your business stop storing records offsite

Does your document storage provider charge you monthly fees as high as Mount Everest? Its time to come down from that mountain.

Healthcare Solutions

Our experts know medical records inside and out. We help Records Management Departments streamline their processes while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Law Firm Support

Click here for legal document scanning services and legal document scanning

Southwest Solutions Group provides local, county, state, and federal agencies with the products, services and support to help manage their records efficiently, securely and within the guidelines of numerous local, state and federal mandates.