Stop Storing Archival Records Offsite | Scanning File Boxes to Digital Images

Stop storing archival records offsite and start putting money back into your bottom line. NOW!

Reduce Your Offsite Archival Records Costs

Records management costs associated with storing archival records offsite and charges to retrieve documents from file boxes can create a mountain of costs for your business. Southwest Solutions Group® offers smart and affordable document scanning solutions that will keep costs low and boost your company’s productivity levels. We understand that maintaining records offsite in file boxes can be a daunting task. Without a smart management plan, your documents could be a source of frustration, eating up space and money as time goes by. Southwest Solutions Group can give you sensible solutions to scanning file boxes to digital images that aren’t just temporary “quick fixes.” We help you think about the future. Our team of records management experts will analyze your organization’s processes and create customized document scanning solutions that will grow with your company.

Transition your offsite archival file boxes to digital images

If you think that scanning your file boxes to a digital imaging system will cause disorder in the workplace, think again. Southwest Solutions Group has years of experience, and we have mastered the art of getting things done discreetly. The processes we use ensure a smooth transition from your current archival file boxes into a new efficient digital imaging system. We won’t even take up any space in your office. In fact, we will store your file boxes for FREE at our offsite facilities while we scan your documents. For sensitive records that must not leave your offices, we also offer onsite scanning services that are just as affordable.

Your organization deserves the best digital imaging solution

Unlike other companies, Southwest Solutions Group does not encourage generic, one-size-fits-all solutions. We recognize that every organization is unique. We will sit down with you and study your organization inside and out. Our Records Management Consultants will help you:

  • Analyze your organization’s document workflow.
  • Determine which documents make the most sense to scan and which ones should be left to live out their lifecycle.
  • Analyze space and costs to help you make solid financial decisions.
  • Design customized short and long-term digital imaging service plans that help you avoid overspending.

From offices to hospitals, we have a spectrum of digital imaging services for every client in any industry. We offer:

  • Backfile document scanning services of offsite file boxes.
  • High-volume document conversion and data capture.
  • Easy transition to EMR for medical offices. While we scan your documents, you can access digital copies of your records in an online encrypted environment that serves as a simulated EMR system.

Why you should choose digital imaging for your documents?

Scanning your documents and converting them into digital flies has plenty of advantages:

  • You can free up storage space devoted to file boxes and convert the space into something that generates more income.
  • In the event that your business needs to relocate, you can dispose of your old papers and just print them in the future as needed.
  • You will never lose an important document again.
  • You can access documents quickly, no matter how old they are. Should your paper documents get damaged, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have digital backup. Records that need to be retained for a certain period of time can be stored digitally instead of taking up so much physical space in your office.
  • You will never need to rent offsite storage facilities for archival file boxes.

Manage your documents without offsite storage fees

It’s time to control your company’s financial bleeding with an iron hand. Manage your documents without getting trapped under a mountain of offsite storage fees. Stop wasting money on one-size-fits-all solutions that only provide temporary relief. Get affordable digital imaging solutions that truly make sense to your organization’s unique objectives.

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Healthcare Solutions

Our experts know medical records inside and out. We help Records Management Departments streamline their processes while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Business Solutions

Business Paper records converted to electronic documents

Whether the concern is industrial espionage, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, or merely the quick and easy retrieval of information, we have an enterprise solution for virtually every business.

Law Firm Support

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Southwest Solutions Group provides local, county, state, and federal agencies with the products, services and support to help manage their records efficiently, securely and within the guidelines of numerous local, state and federal mandates.